A Filter Press separates the suspended solids contained in wastewater from the water, in order to recover the water to be reused in the production cycle of your business. The Matec Filter Press produces dry filter cakes which make disposal of waste cheaper and more efficient. The Filter Press guarantees efficiency and reliability due to its simplistic design.


At Wastewater Filtration Systems, we are proud to be able to supply you with the Matec Filter Press, the world leaders in Filter Press Technology, this allows us to sell you a quality machine at affordable rates. 


Our Filter Presses are the world leaders in the technology available in the market. This is due to the high pressure technology. The pressures of 16 bar and 21 bar, can’t be matched by anybody in the market worldwide. Matec Filter Presses can handle and slurry in any sector. 


Here are some of the major benefits of incorporating a Filter Press into your operation: 


  • Save money and maximises returns

  • It lessens your businesses environmental impact

  • 100% European technology made in Italy. 

  • HPT (high pressure technology) to work at a maximum of 21 bar pressure.

  • Gasser shakers for discharging the filter cakes perfectly

  • Automatic washing that lengthens the life of the filter cloth

  • Easy replacement of filter clothes

  • Open filtrate design allows rapid identification of damaged filter clothes

  • Remote Automation and monitoring

  • Up to 150 plates can be installed on any size filter press

  • 15 models to choose from for the best solution for your business.